and Other Practice Night Oddities

(Otherwise known as, "Do we have fun at practice or WHAT??")

To keep practices "clean" for our young'uns AND to help get us to Nationals in 2004, we're continuing the use of the "Cuss Jug."

If you'd like to clean up your OWN act--or if you'd simply like to donate to the cause--please


(Our thanks to those who have already donated!)


Garden-variety curses = $0.25 per word

"The Big F" = $0.50 each time

Anything involving our Lord's name = $1.00 each time...PLUS whatever penalty HE'S got in store for you...!

Cuss Jug total for 2003: $112.00

"Stupid Hat Night"--the one that started our tradition of "specialty" practice nights...

Teenage Mutant Ninja Guard Girls (Note: Do NOT give these girls duct tape!!)

(We TOLD you not to give these girls duct tape!!)

Stepho building muscles by carrying her mom, Diana.
"Pajama Night" (Yes, we come to practice in our pajamas!!!)
Our 2003 Christmas party was ANOTHER "Pajama Night". Here we are in all our loveliness!
The big surprise was when our new "National Champs" jackets arrived just in time for our party!
Jackets are awarded to two of our long-time supporters, Lexy and Elaine
Another great bit of news was Jess asking cousin Stepho to be her Maid of Honor at Jess' upcoming wedding (November, 2004).