The Women of The Spirit of 469 are "EXPERIENCED"


Below is Dot Butterfield (mother of Cathy and Diana) with the American Flag in a "19before-color-was-invented" photo.

(next to Dot is B. Penney and Marge Cismar, B.'s mom)

Her question in 1989 when her color guard no longer marched:

"Couldn't we at LEAST get 4 girls to haul out the Colors on Memorial Day?!?"

is how The Spirit of 469 was born.

Memorial Day, 1990

Back Row: Dot, Ann, Jennifer, Barb, Cindy, Wilma, Cathy

Front Row: Cindy, Ellie, Ricky, Jess, Mary, Carol

1990 Christmas Parade

Memorial Day, 1993 Toledo

Christmas, 1995

Here's Dot again with youngest daughter, Diana.

Some of the groups with whom our members

have been associated:

The Buckeyes

(Winter Guard AND Drum & Bugle Corps)

The Commadears

(The first two rifles [l-r] are sisters Cathy and Diana, VFW National Champs, 1977)

Diana taught the Lakewood High School Flag Corps.

She was also a member, then captain, of West Tech's Flag Corps 1972-1975 .

Tiny, flag-twirling (and now rifle-twirling) gal Stepho also plays a mean French horn and flute,

shown here in old photos of Midview High School's Marching Band!

Vikki in Parma High School's Flag Corps