On our way to State Convention in Toledo, 2003.

Heading to Nationals in Indianapolis, 2001. (Stepho, Diana, "The Fun Bus", Vikki & Jess)

"Doing" our hair seems to be a big pasttime on our trips. Lexy always brings scissors and a couple of perm kits. In Toledo (1998, during the Jazz Fest), red was the prevailing color. (It went great with Tim's bright green shirt!) Even more of the guys got into the spirit the year the whole guard decided to try to go "Hollywood Blonde" before a State Convention.

Diana dyes Ben's hair.

Tim getting his hair dyed. Jess doing Trish's hair.

Celebration dinners are always part of the fun. Here, we're at Cincinnati's Bennigan's with an AMAZING waiter, Wayne. This young man literally FLEW across the restaurant as he tended to our every whim as we celebrated another first-place victory. We hope his bosses gave him a raise...

Getting there IS half the fun. Roadside picnics are always good!

Terrorizing unsuspecting hotel guests is also a favorite sport. This is Diana getting ready to do her "Cowboy Ghost" run through the halls at 2 a.m.

We have a LOT of fun and, like the song says, "All she wants to do is dance..." (We also sang, "The Sheik of Arabee"--Spirit of 469-style--that evening: "With no pants on...")