Other Fun Photos We Thought You'd Like to See:

Like the song says, "With candles all aflame and howlin' like witches..."

It takes a lot of hard work and suffering to be a champion!

Jess and Cathy at a celebration dinner in Cincinnati.

(You can dress 'em up, but you can't take 'em out in public...!")

Don't ask...! (Legion initiation??)

Steph, Jess & Cathy (Cousins with an aunt/mom)

Cathy, Diana & Stepho (Sisters and a daughter)

Two sisters, two cousins (Jess, Cathy, Diana, Stepho)

A mom and a daughter (Diana & Stepho)

Our sister post in Canada, Branch 13, is part of Toronto's mural project. Canada's Branch 13 hospitality (Thanks for all the great memorabilia, Don: Pins, mugs and a great sweater which Diana STILL wears!! See next photo...)

Stepho's first march with The Spirit of 469--Canada's Warriors' Day Parade, 1996. (She's the skinny one on the left side of the front line.)

Vikki "caught in the act", toilet-papering a room during 2001's State Convention...

Cindi had a "big" birthday in 2001...Diana got some free lawn furniture...and a "classic" song was born...

(Sing:) "Happy Birthday to Cindi and Jessi..."

Champions have "sole".... (groan)