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N E W S O N G    F E S T I V A L    2 0 0 3

Cindi Lange and Indian sculpture at a roadside rest early on in another of Diana and Cindi's infamous road trips. This time, they're on their way to the NewSong Festival in Charles Town, WV.
The road trip gals stop to check out the local tourist info. site. This is Cindi Lange and her furry friend. (Unfortunately, neither the bear nor the car he hit survived their long-ago accident, which is why he isn't eating Cindi's face as she kneels beside him...)
Diana says, "I think I lost my car keys up there..."
We arrive! This is our view of the Claymont Court mansion. (What do you mean we can't use the toilets in there?)
But now it's time to set up camp--should this woman be given a hammer? Yes!!
We DID it!! The tent is UP! Ah...home, sweet home.
We get a neighbor: great country talent Don Baker. Don wasn't available for a photo...but his tent was more than glad to pose for our roving photographer. (If you want to hear a wonderful cd, we'll be glad to put you in touch with this nice, talented man.)
Ahhh...a beautiful weekend for camping!
A friendly spirit in the clouds watches over the weekend festivities.
During a "routine" security shift Saturday night, volunteer Cindi Lange lends some light for artists and their entourages entering and exiting the Claymont Court mansion. (How were we to know what would soon ensue?)
Suddenly, we get the word: A huge storm is moving in and concert-goers will be corralled into the mansion. Volunteers--even those not officially "on shift"--pitched in wherever they could. (Cindi, this could ONLY have happened on YOUR shift!)
The Claymont Court Mansion quickly fills as the rains pour down shortly after Nickel Creek begins its first set.
Nickel Creek fans rapidly move to the mansion to escape the rains.
"Seeking shelter from the approaching storm..." (a line from the song "Rain Dance", by Kris Kinkead and Diana Tyler.)
Kate Long, of Voices of West Virginia, enjoys a brief respite despite the extreme weather.
Nickel Creek and Tim OBrien perform an impromptu concert on the grand stairway of the Claymont Court Mansion as we await the end of the storm outside...
...while others sleep through history in the making.
New friends are made as we wait out the weather.
After the rain, the stage is again readied for more music.
The Voices of West Viriginia ended up doing some impromptu singing of their own on the mansion porch as we waited for the stage crew to again work their magic in making the stage ready for Nickel Creek's return.
Rain-soaked concert-goers negotiate the steps in the dark, with the help of volunteers with flashlights.
Volunteer coordinator extraordinaire Susan Ford and "Security Babe" Cindi Lange.
The wait presented some photo ops. Here's Harmony Guitar workshop presenter and Festival artist Buck Brown with the Blue Cardinal's "Fireman" songstress, Diana Tyler.
After a great concert by Nickel Creek, Diana and Cindi go back to their tent to discover that they were some of the lucky ones...their tent is DRY! Diana celebrates by making music in the tent before joining others later that evening around the campfire song circle.
Time to go home. The Claymont Court Mansion at the end of the Festival, just before Sunday evening's storm. See you next year!

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