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"At a time when Christian music is filled with women vocalists trying very hard to be unremarkable, with their high-strung vocals and repetitive refrains, CRISIS and Tyler are a breath of fresh, soulful air. ...In short, when you get tired of the cookie cutter, Ultra-Brite models passing for singers in the Christian genre, CRISIS and Diana Tyler provide an excellent reprieve."

- Cool Cleveland contributor Marcia Bryant

"Diana Tyler has enormous talent, and blew us away with the song that she sang for us... Think Tracy Chapman or Janis Joplin."

- Frank Mixson, Graffiti Cleveland (Time-Line Productions)

"...a really unique sound. Diana Tyler's vocals are strong and they soar above the music with a strength and passion."

- Kim Jones, Christian Music Guide - About.com

"Diana Tyler is my favorite vocalist. I love the "grit" in her voice... I use her in my recording studio any chance I get."

- Brian Preston, Preston Audio (Columbus, OH)

"Earthy songs about heaven...and heavenly songs about more earthy things, too."

- Will Cheshier, musician/singer/songwriter

"CRISIS is Peter, Paul, and Mary with a little twist. With something for everyone, this is a great album. With a mixture of modern day folk music, a little pop, and a lot of country, CRISIS is a Christian band for fans of singers like Trisha Yearwood, LeAnn Rimes, and Reba McEntire. Diana Tyler is a great singer that lends her voice to the many different styles on this CD. 'Love Somebody' sounds like a folk song from the early 1970s.

“'No-Blues Blues' jazzes it up a bit with a great blues beat. 'Mary,' an example of great song writing, tells the story of Christ’s own mother from her point of view. Even though this album comes with a bit more 'twang' than I like, it is a good CD. I would recommend it to anyone who enjoys a lighter rock/country sound with a good message. I see good things for the future of CRISIS."

- Sandra, teens4jesus.org

"I'm still never too sure what to say about religious themed music, partially because I don't want to offend the powers that be. Luckily, CRISIS (not to be confused with the death metal band) and Diana Tyler have made a wonderfully poppy Christian Rock album. I don't exactly have a favorite from the album, because it's another one of those wonderful albums that needs to be listened to in full to get the complete effect, though 'Solid Ground', 'Reach out', and 'He's There' are some of the tracks that stand out especially to me. And yes, I even found myself singing along." ***1/2

- Persy Grrrl, INDIEcator

"...here is a group that has fun ministering and it shows in every song on this disc. Diana Tyler sings and breathes excitement into this CD. Excellent vocals with the suttle 50's crispness that makes Crisis and Diana Tyler very unique, uplifting, and a great addition to any collection. If you want one of the best CD's that lends itself to any ear, you have found it!!"

- Music4Him

"'CRISIS and Diana Tyler' have blessed us with one powerful...Christian rock gem!   While 'Love Somebody' is the most radio-relevant possibility, 'Gifts to the Giver' and 'Reach Out' take center stage in my never-ending search for sweet, insightful spirituality.   From pop rock to acoustic folk, Diana Tyler and CRISIS have produced a wonderful record, deep in religious conviction."

- Melyssa Harmon, Get Fancy! magazine

"In Christian circles, desire is often tested in the form of conviction.   That is, putting legs on one's faith, or, walking the walk, and talking the talk... This musical group puts wings on its faith.   Billed as a Christian rock band, they seem more talented than the typical church "house" band...   Tyler and Crisis seem able to do it all -- electric, acoustic, folk, country and blues, up-tempo and thought-provoking and slow.   Basically, without getting preachy, the lyrics speak traditional Christian messages of salvation, love for your fellow man, service and being anchored in one's faith.   And throughout this 12-song CD, making no pretense of their beliefs, each offering is performed with passion and joy.   There is also no mistaking Tyler's strong alto vocals.   She performs wonderfully in any genre, and seems to have found her vocal calling in the slightly gritty 'No-Blues Blues' -- sort of a Lou Ann Barton/Angela Strehli Texas type of sound.   Really, really nice!   Other highlights have to include 'My Rock and the Light of My World' which is a beautiful a cappella gospel harmony with Tyler, Toni Harless and Linda Rodak.   That trio teams up again on 'Solid Ground' for some of the best female harmonies you'll ever hear.   Perhaps the tune that really sums up this group is "Gifts to the Giver":   "...You see, the power is within us, sent from God above; usin' what we have to demonstrate His love...bring your gifts to the Giver (we are His hands)..."   Tyler and Crisis are a walking, talking -- singing -- demonstration of that very belief.   Some do it with money, some with prayer, some with ministering to the needy...This band does it with music -- and does it well."

- Les Wilson, Indie-Music.com

"The promo sheet says: 'Glad hearts - upbeat pop melodies - solid songwriting - the joy of the Lord - a jazz/R&B soul - toe-tappin' rhythms - touches of gentle humor - and a rock & roll attitude. . .' …But there is so much more than that!…expert arranging…an awesome array of uplifting, good-time Christian music second to none…talent and expert musicianship rise to the forefront throughout the project…Wonderful, upbeat…rollicking…feet tapping…fun-loving…filled with screaming guitar interludes that are superb! …awesome harmonies…which are simply mind-blowing! The songs, written by Diana Tyler, feature catchy pop melodies…done to perfection… Diana Tyler is captured best as a solo artist. Her cream rises to the top on each number that she performs alone…The distinctive voice of Diana, which draws comparisons to the rock legend Stevie Nicks, is one that is seldom found in Christian music. Gunther G., of the Global Muse, calls this voice 'spectacular'. I call it awe-inspiring. Her crystalline, clear voice is angelic at times, shows hints of Bonnie Raitt at times, and at other times has a brashness of a Nashville lass. All told, she--simply put--'COOKS'! Her songwriting needs special mention here, too. Already she has been published for a Sunday School curriculum through the Christian Board of Publication. The songwriting is already garnering much-deserved praise...Her special way of telling a story lyrically is certain to pull at your heartstrings. On 'Mary' especially, you feel as though you are right there with Elizabeth and Mary as Mary tells her cousin the 'news' of carrying 'the King of the Jews.' Totally awesome! Rarely do I harbor this much praise for a house band from a local church. But CRISIS...an outstanding praise and worship group...deserves special kudos…With Diana Tyler at the helm, this group…could go far."

- JT, JT's Christian Reviews

"It is rare that I get to review such raw talent in the indie market like this.   Crisis is a true rock band with more than enough talent for several bands.   Diana Tyler has this spectacular voice that one could only dream of having.   This music is truly inspirational and an absolute joy to listen to.   Crisis is not your stereotypical rock band.   Their music ranges from rock to blues to pop with a little bit of country appeal, which is brought forth by the excellent vocals of Diana Tyler.   This is truly an album with something for everyone.   My favorite song on the album has to be, "No-Blues Blues".   This song has a definite blues rock groove going.   I suggest that this album be the first on your list."

- Gunther G., The Global Muse

"A very well polished rock'n'roll outfit, fantastic ice breaking guitar work, and strong clear vocals! The drummer reminds me of Fleetwood Mac and some rhythms bring Dire Straits into mind as well.   Well structured, dynamic sounds...!"

- Matt, Hits Are Here

"...a unique mix.   Gritty bluesy rock, elecric guitar-based CCM songs.   The pace is fast, the message urgent...the band plays well together.   On [other tracks], the focus is on Diana Tyler, who is rhythm, vocals, and songwriter...I was reminded a little of...Loretta Lynn or of the older female country vocalists. She is able to sing well and emote through her voice meaning, to display emotion and mood.   Her style tended to be more classic, but...there was some of Maria McKee formerly of Lone Justice...Both sides are good and focus on the Good News.   The country cuts have lots of potential.   An enjoyable offering..."

- Armand Canales, The Critical Review

"If asked by a stranger if I enjoyed country music of the religious kind, I would have replied, no! Maybe I am getting soft in my old age, but I didn't mind this at all! I must confess to just listening to the music, and blocking out a lot of the words, just in case I would be converted, you know... But I enjoyed it! The production was top notch and the musicians obviously were of a professional quality. Middle of the road rock...spot on...!"

-Colin Gould (solo artist from Northern Ireland) Hits Are Here

"...church songs tailor-made for singing along with and clapping time to.   The a cappella song has a deep-south Gospel feel.   Ms. Tyler's voice is scratchy and soulful..."

- Mike M., Listen.com

"Relax and listen...It makes me think of those good old camp fire songs (Streets of London, …)."

- An Verbeeck (guitarist and vocalist from Skirmish), Hits Are Here


Rating: 10--["Love Somebody" is] a really nice tune breakin´ its way directly in to my personal favorites....-anonymous;  "Serving God In The City" is a great song! The good Lord has blessed you with sincerity and understanding.  - Hollywood Joe, CA;   Wow, love your music!   Awesome voice, awesome sound!  - Tim, Leo, IN;   Cool band... - Dan, San Jose, CA;   Really liked [the clips]. - Chelsea, CA;   Now that's some RIGHTEOUS rock and roll.   Great stuff! - Joe, NY;   Good stuff... - John, the church;   Very AWESOME! - Kristy  

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